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Building Wealth. Protecting Dreams. 

At Kalejta Financial Management, our team is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the guidance they deserve and the tools they need to stay financially on track. Our firm engages our clients frequently with personalized communication and intimate events and workshops. We believe that the families who chose our firm should always receive financial advice that uniquely answers to their personal needs. It is through our boutique-style, technology-driven, team approach that we commit to this promise. Our team forms relationships with pre-retired and retired families who think of our firm as a partnership. As a result, our clients feel actively involved in the process of building their wealth and protecting their dreams.

What makes Kalejta Financial Management Super?

We have big hearts. In an increasingly technical, computer-driven world there are some things that cannot be replaced by computers. Relationships are the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to empower every client with the ability to develop purposeful strategies to build their wealth, protect their dreams, and acheive the retirement they deserve. Check out our business Facebook page here.

Helping Families With Special Needs Planning

We could all use a little help planning for the future. If you care for a loved one who has special needs, this need for help intensifies. In our experience, knowing where to start is the hardest part. Attend one of our educational workshops in 2018 and find out how to best prepare for your financial future. Topics Tom and our trusted business partners will be covering include: 1) how to protect government benefits, 2) understaning the "Achieving a Better Life Experience" (ABLE)  accounts, 3) special needs trusts and pooled trusts, 4) the impact of inheriting assets and; 5) setting up a power of attorney or guardianship for your love one. Our goal is to help you feel equipped with enough information to get you started. You likely have a variety of things to worry about – your loved ones financial future shouldn't be one of them. 

Better together

If you have a trusted attorney or accountant and you'd like them to be a part of your annual review, we welcome their collaboration with our firm. Since our inception, we've focused on providing our clients with the most comprehensive strategies possible - and sometimes this requires other professional's expertise. We respect and encourage that sometimes we're "Better Together!" Simply let us know in advance if you plan to invite him or her to your appointment. We have several meeting spaces that are perfect for team collaboration.


At Kalejta Financial Management, nothing is more important to us than exceeding our clients' expectations. We are deeply aware of the trust our clients place in our firm. For that reason, we diligently strive to maintain a level of excellence that honors your trust. Watch this short video for a message from our President and call to schedule your retirement readiness check up today!