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Personalized Service Highlights

Kalejta Financial Management has been delivering exceptional client service for over 2 decades.  We take pride in creating a unique and personal client experience. Whether you are just beginning your financial journey and setting your financial goals or have already achieved many of your goals, we are here to lend a hand. Please be sure to reach out to us with your questions surrounding financial planning, investments and insurance protection. 

The list below highlights some of our personalized services we pride ourselves on.

During your financial journey with our firm we will educate and convey the importance of planning for the future by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing your goals
  • Creating a customized financial plan and making adjustments as needed
  • Providing a personal investment analysis
  • Recommending personal investment strategies (including options and alternative investments, where appropriate)
  • Helping to understand how to save for children’s education
  • Recommending proper life insurance and disability policy amounts
  • Strategizing with your other professional service providers
  • Reviewing your employer sponsored retirement plan, including net unrealized appreciation rules
  • Educating you on improving cash flow
  • Offering special needs planning strategies
  • Facilitating the transfer of inherited assets

When you’re ready to prepare for retirement (and we understand “retirement” has a different meaning for each of our clients) we continue the discussion on the above listed topics, plus so much more:

  • Guiding you through Social Security & Medicare enrollment
  • Identifying possible savings shortfalls in retirement planning and how to overcome them
  • Consolidating and simplifying your investment accounts
  • Explaining all of your options for your employer plan
  • Reviewing pension maximization options in detail
  • Discussing options for funding health care costs
  • Potentially converting investments to lifetime income streams
  • Discussing long term care solutions
  • Assisting with investment account distribution strategies
  • Discussing legacy planning for future generations

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